Custom Father / Daughter dance

The Bride dancing with her Father at her wedding has always been one of the highlights of a wedding for me. Every time I watch them dance, it chokes me up just a bit. I’m getting a little lump in my throat just writing about it. Have you thought about taking your Father / Daughter dance or even the First Dance to another level?

Lindsay asked me to put together a custom mix for her dance with her Dad, similar to one she had seen on YouTube. I sent off a couple of quick edits so that she could see what she liked best. Lindsay wanted to keep it short and I sent her a final edit.

On the Wedding Day, she began her dance with her Dad like many others before her. The guests were attentive, but quiet until suddenly they went wild.

Have a look at Lindsay’s dance with her Dad


About Patrick Smiley Weddings

I have been entertaining at weddings in the Canadian Rockies for over 2o years and I can't imagine myself anywhere else. OK, Hawaii would be nice too!
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1 Response to Custom Father / Daughter dance

  1. Kirstie says:

    You said it perfectly…I too always cry at the father/daughter dances they are so moving. It’s one of my favourite moments during a wedding. What an amazing gift you gave this bride and her father! What a memorable moment for the guests to have witnessed. Fantastic job Patrick! I love the passion you have for your work. Thanks for sharing this unique DJ moment.

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